OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA — Production of all wheat in Canada was forecast up 7% from 2011, while canola outturn was expected up 9% and record high, Statistics Canada said Aug. 22 in its Estimate of Production of Principal Field Crops report.

Based on data collected from July 25 to Aug. 1, Statistics Canada forecast higher production of all crops in 2012 except oats, which was down just slightly from 2011. Summerfallow acreage was down 63% at 4,605,000 acres.

“Overall, weather conditions in the West this year have been closer to normal, following two years of excess moisture conditions in parts of Manitoba and Saskatchewan,” Statistics Canada said.

Total Canadian wheat production was forecast at 27,012,900 tonnes, up 7% from 25,261,400 tonnes in 2011, including spring wheat at 19,058,400 tonnes, up 6% from 18,031,300 tonnes, durum at 4,272,800 tonnes, up 2% from 4,172,100 tonnes, and winter wheat at 3,681,700 tonnes, up 20% from 3,058,000 tonnes a year ago.

“The increase is anticipated despite a decline in average yield from 42.1 bushels per acre in 2011 to 41.5 bushels per acre in 2012,” Statistics Canada said of the wheat crop in the three Prairie provinces. “The decline in yield would be offset by an 11.4% increase in harvested area to slightly under 22 million acres.”

Statistics Canada forecast 2012 canola production at a record 15,409,500 tonnes, up 9% from 14,164,500 tonnes in 2011, which was the previous record.

Oats production was forecast at 2,994,100 tonnes, down 3,000 tonnes from 2,997,100 tonnes in 2011.

The 2012 barley crop was forecast at 9,507,600 tonnes, up 23% from 7,755,700 tonnes a year ago. Barley yield was forecast at a record 65.1 bushels an acre in the Prairie provinces, up from the prior record of 63.3 bushels an acre in 2008, Statistics Canada said.

Corn production was forecast at 11,703,100 tonnes, up 9% from 10,688,700 tonnes in 2011.

Soybean outturn was forecast at 4,405,300 tonnes, up 4% from 4,246,300 tonnes last year.

Flaxseed production was forecast at 546,600 tonnes, up 48% from 368,300 tonnes in 2011.

Fall rye production in 2012 was forecast at 312,300 tonnes, up 60% from 194,700 tonnes last year.