OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA – Production of all wheat in Canada was estimated up 1% from the August forecast and up 6% from 2011, while canola outturn was expected down 13% from August and down 8% from last year, Statistics Canada announced on Oct. 4 in its September Estimates of Production of Principal Field Crops report.
“Prairie farmers anticipate higher wheat production as well as a decline in canola this year,” said Statistics Canada in its report.
Based on data collected from Sept. 4 to Sept. 11, total 2012 Canadian wheat production was estimated at 26,733,000 tonnes, down 1% from 27,013,000 tonnes forecast previously and up 6% from 25,261,000 tonnes in 2011, Statistics Canada said.
By class, production of spring wheat other than durum was estimated at 18,641,000 tonnes, down 2% from August and up 3% from 18,031,000 tonnes in 2011, durum at 4,398,000 tonnes, up 3% from August and up 5% from 4,172,000 tonnes last year, and winter wheat at 3,694,000 tonnes, up slightly from August and up 21% from 3,058,000 tonnes in 2011.
Statistics Canada estimated  2012 canola production at 13,359,000 tonnes, down 13% from 15,410,000 tonnes forecast earlier and down 8% from  a revised 14,493,000 tonnes in 2011.
Oats production was estimated at 2,939,000 tonnes, down slightly from the prior forecast of 2,994,000 tonnes, and down slightly from  2,997,000 tonnes in 2011.
The 2012 barley crop was seen at 8,591,0000 tonnes, down 10% from 9,508,000 tonnes forecast earlier and up 11% from 7,756,000 tonnes a year ago.
Dry field pea outturn was estimated at 2,743,000 tonnes, down 8% from August and up 10% from 2011.
Corn production was expected to be 11,576,000 tonnes, down 1% from 11,703,000 tonnes in August and up 8% from 10,689,000 tonnes in 2011.
Soybean outturn was estimated at 4,280,000 tonnes, down 3% from 4,405,000 tonnes in August and up slightly from 4,246,000 tonnes last year.