OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA — Stocks of all wheat in Canada on Dec. 31 totaled 20,690,000 tonnes, down about 1% from 20,831,000 tonnes on Dec. 31, 2011, Statistics Canada said on Feb. 5 in its Stocks of Principal Field Crops report.
“This (decline in all wheat stocks) occurred despite a 7.6% increase in wheat production in 2012,” Statistics Canada said. On-farm stocks of all wheat rose 2% from 2011 to 16.5 million tonnes while commercial stocks fell 9% to 4.2 million tonnes, Statistics Canada said.
Durum stocks on Dec. 31 were 3,830,000 tonnes, down 4% from 3,995,000 tonnes the previous year, Statistics Canada said. Dec. 31 stocks of wheat excluding durum were 16,860,000 tonnes, up slightly from 16,836,000 tonnes a year earlier. 
Stocks of corn were a record high 10,365,000 tonnes, up 10% from 9,436,000 tonnes on Dec. 31, 2011, after record high corn production in 2012 of 13.1 million tonnes, Statistics Canada said. 
Canola stocks were 7,371,000 tonnes, down 24% from 9,646,000 tonnes on Dec. 31, 2011. Soybean stocks of 2,401,000 tonnes were 7% below 2,573,000 tonnes the previous year. Flaxseed stocks were 406,000 tonnes, down about 6% from 430,000 tonnes in 2011.
“It was the third consecutive decline and the lowest level at Dec. 31 for total canola stocks since the same date in 2006,” Statistics Canada said. Canola production in 2012 was 13.3 million tonnes, down from 14.6 million tonnes in 2011 as poor weather reduced crop potential during the year.
Oats stocks were 1,872,000 tonnes on Dec. 31, down 20% from 2,333,000 tonnes a year earlier, with on-farm stocks down 21% from 2011. “This decline mirrored a 15% decrease in oat production in 2012,” Statistics Canada said.
Barley stocks on Dec. 31 totaled 5,088,000 tonnes, down 7% from 5,481,000 tonnes. “Barley stocks have been declining for the last four years,” Statistics Canada said.
Rye stocks were 172,000 tonnes, up 24% from 139,000 tonnes in 2011.