CREMONA, ITALY — Ocrim has partnered with Paglierani Srl and BIA SpA.

Ocrim completed its share investment in Paglierani, consolidating the partnership. Paglierani is a third-generation family business with almost a century of activity.

Together, the companies have 173 years of experience. Ocrim specializes in the supply of milling plants for wheat and corn while Paglierani specializes in the design, construction, installation of packaging, bagging and palletizing machines and lines for flour and bran.

In October, Ocrim acquired a part in the share capital of BIA, an Italian company based in Argenta, Ferrara, Italy, and leader in the production and distribution of organic couscous.

This operation consolidates and reconfirms the large Italian wheat supply chain project where synergies in the field guarantee the milling technique (Ocrim) and the grinding quality (Milling Hub), with a focus on the high-end market.