WAUNETA, NEBRASKA, US — Wauneta Roller Mills, Inc., which has been in business for nearly 100 years, has announced plans to halt production at its flour mill in Wauneta. The mill has wheat flour capacity of 120 cwts and storage capacity of 9,207 bushels, according to the 2022 Grain & Milling Annual of Sosland Publishing Co.

“As small business owners we are faced with tough decisions on a daily basis,” Wauneta Roller Mills noted in a May 25 posting on its Facebook page. “These decisions affect not only our business, our employees, and our families, but our communities as well. The decision to cease flour production on a mill that has run consistently since 1925 is, arguably, our toughest decision to date. This decision was not made lightly nor quickly, but it is necessary at this point in time. While we understand many will wonder why, we will just say, the reasons are many.   Some of those reasons are out of our control and others we are working to address. Our hope is to not cease forever, but to instead take a pause; a break to breathe and come back stronger and better than ever.

“Thank you to anyone who has ever purchased Wauneta’s Best Flour for themselves or for a friend. Thank you to anyone who has shared your love for our flour through word of mouth. Thank you for seeing the mill through good times and bad. Thank you and farewell. For now.”