KIEV, UKRAINE — Mariupol Maritime Commercial Port has opened a quality control laboratory, one of the first stages of construction of a new grain terminal at the port of Mariupol. The company expects to ramp up construction on the terminal early in 2022. Once completed, the terminal will allow transshipment of up to 1 million tonnes of grain per year, according to the company.

Mariupol said the new laboratory is able to analyze samples of wheat, barley, corn, peas, sorghum and oats.

“The management of MMTP expects to attract part of the export grain flows from the eastern and central regions of Ukraine to the new terminal (in 2022),” the company said. “Negotiations are currently underway with large agricultural companies.”

Development of the grain terminal project was first announced in 2019 and is a cooperative effort between Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority, Cofco Agri Resources Ukraine, Mariupol seaport and STT LLC. In addition to the grain terminal, the groups plan to reconstruct two berths and build a single transshipment complex for food and liquid food cargo.