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THEBARTON, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA — Viterra opened a grain laboratory to support South Australia’s international reputation for high quality, consistent and reliable grain.

Local and export customers including Coopers and Ingham’s were present to mark the new A$3 million facility opening.

Viterra said the lab is an important part of the company’s focus on quality management to meet increasing demands from customers in Australia and overseas.

Tim Krause, general manager of Viterra, said the facility at Thebarton will be a major drawcard for international and domestic end-users who value the highest food safety and quality standards.

“We’ve made this investment as part of our ongoing support for the state’s A$2 billion grain industry,” Krause said. “We want to ensure that growers can achieve full value for their crops by encouraging buyers to source grain from South Australia ahead of other origins in Australia and globally.”

Krause said that more than 30 grain buyers operate within Viterra’s supply chain to supply grain to its customers.

“They value our commitment to quality management and food safety,” Krause said.

The state government was represented by Fraser Ellis, member for Narungga, who performed the honors of cutting the ribbon.

“It is great to see investment in South Australia that enhances our competitive advantage and promotes our high-quality products to the world,” Fraser said. “I look forward to seeing this laboratory contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of grain classifying and congratulate Viterra on their investment in South Australia and in our primary producers.”

Krause said the new laboratory included leading grain analysis equipment and was managed by a highly skilled and experienced team.

“We have a team of highly trained specialists in the laboratory overseeing all quality testing and training of staff within the Viterra network to ensure the consistency and reliability of grain supplied to customers,” Krause said. “We’ve already had several international customers tour the facility and discuss quality needs with staff and the feedback has been extremely positive.”

Krause said the laboratory has the latest grain analysis equipment, which is tested in adherence to the Australian Government National Measurement Institute’s (NMI) standards.

The laboratory is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and follows the principles of Viterra’s ISO 22000:2005 food safety accreditation.