LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, US — Shepherd’s Grain introduced Napoletana “00” flour at the International Pizza Expo & Conference going on Aug. 17-19 in Las Vegas. The flour is ideal for wood-fired, Naples-style pizza and other applications requiring easy-to-use handle dough, according to Shepherd’s Grain.

The flour was milled to create a low-ash and finer flour with high gluten strength. The flour creates an elastic, stretchy dough that provides a light and crispy texture and cornicione (the edge or rim of the pizza) on the outside along with a soft, chewy texture on the inside.  The Napoletana “00” flour works in traditional, sourdough-style and New York-style pizzas as well as in high-hydration pan pizzas when mixed with Shepherd’s Grain enriched, unbleached high gluten strength flour.

Shepherd’s Grain, which is based in the Pacific Northwest, worked with miller Grain Craft, Chattanooga, Tennessee, US, to develop the flour. Being an American-grown and American-milled pizza flour, it is priced 25% to 50% lower than leading imported brands, according to Shepherd’s Grain. Carbon savings comes through the decreased transportation costs, and carbon sequestration comes through the regenerative agriculture used to harvest it. For another sustainability feature, Shepherd’s Grain sources tillage-free wheat.

“At Shepherd’s Grain, we’ve been on the cutting edge of sustainable and regenerative agriculture for years,” said Mark Swenson, chief executive officer at Shepherd’s Grain. “While maintaining the health of the soil is central to our company’s focus, it also creates an amazing wheat that translates into outstanding flour products. We are so excited the Pizza Expo is finally underway and thrilled to share our exceptional new pizza flour with pizzaiolos at the show.”

Pizzaiola Will Grant, winner of the Caputo Cup national pizza championship and owner of That’s a Some Pizza and Sourdough Willy’s in the Seattle area, was a guest at the Shepherd’s Grain booth during the International Pizza Expo & Conference.

“Not only does Shepherd’s Grain provide outstanding flour, supporting them supports American farmers who support our environment with sustainable, no-till farming,” he said.