bread made with 2ab Wheat
2ab Wheat is an ancient grain and can be utilized for artisan and industrial baking. 
Photo courtesy of GoodMills Innovation.
HAMBURG, GERMANY, U.S. –At FiE 2017,GoodMills Innovationwill introduce its new product 2ab Wheat, an ancient grain. This grain innovation is easy to process and allows both artisan and industrial bakers to produce wholesome bakery products with a convincing texture and taste, according to the company. 

According to GoodMills Innovation, 2ab Wheat is an alternative to modern bread wheat as well as to well-known ancient grains such as einkorn or emmer, which score neither with their sensory properties nor technologically when processed on their own. 

At its FiE booth, GoodMills Innovation will explain about the properties and nutritional background of 2ab Wheat. In addition, trade fair visitors will be able to taste a broad variety of baked goods made from 2ab Wheat.

The company said 2ab Wheat flour is ideal for artisan bakers as well as for industrial production. Baked goods are well tolerated, even by food-sensitive eaters, and convince with a full-bodied taste and a soft, lush golden crumb. 

“For me, 2ab Wheat is the wheat of the future,” said Michael Gusko, managing director at GoodMills Innovation. “Bakers now have a tasty solution for customers who react sensitive to wheat or who prefer original grain varieties. We are in the process of introducing 2ab Wheat into the market, and initial feedback from bakers has been consistently positive. Having discovered an easy-to-digest, delectable bread for themselves, customers are staying loyal to ‘their’ bakers.”

With increasing numbers of consumers turning away from modern bread wheat either for health reasons or because they prefer traditional products of well-known origin, GoodMills Innovation collaborated with scientists, grain breeders and nutritionists and selected the ancient 2ab Wheat variety from hundreds of alternatives. Wheat-sensitive consumers and modern wheat critics had previously avoided wheat-containing baked goods or chose gluten-free options – often with significant drawbacks in terms of taste and texture.

GoodMills Innovation GmbH is headquarted in Hamburg, Germany, and is a joint venture between the GoodMills Group and Palsgaard A/S, which is based in Denmark. Together with its Polish subsidiary GoodMills Innovation Polska Sp z o.o, the company employs a staff of 120 in Europe.