WINNEBAGO, MINNESOTA, US — Greenfield Global Inc., a producer of renewable energy solutions and provider of high-purity specialty alcohols and solvents, has reached an agreement with Central Farm Service (CFS) for the supply of corn to its newly acquired ethanol plant in Winnebago. The partnership also includes a takeoff agreement of the dried distillers grain products (DDGS) by CFS.

 Greenfield acquired the Winnebago plant near the end of 2020 and expects to begin producing renewable ethanol at the plant as early as this fall. The Winnebago plant has a capacity of 48 million gallons of ethanol per year, which is mainly produced for the purpose of low-carbon fuels, according to Greenfield.

Headquartered in Truman, Minnesota, US, CFS has 17 grain locations in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. The company said it will begin buying corn immediately for harvest and beyond for delivery to the Greenfield Global plant in Winnebago.

Founded in 1989, Greenfield Global is the largest ethanol producer in Canada and owns and operates four ethanol distilleries, five specialty chemical manufacturing and packaging plants and three next-generation biofuel and renewable energy R&D centers in Canada and the United States.