MALMÖ, SWEDEN — Grain quality sorting company BoMill AB has signed an agreement with Russian grain processing and production company JSC Metelitca under which BoMill will install its grain sorter IQ in JSC Metelitca’s new pre-cleaning grain processing plant in the Novosibirsk region.

BoMill said IQ will be installed as a quality check instrument for incoming batches of grains. It will be used to eradicate and/or reduce mycotoxins, measure levels of protein and determine vitreousness, BoMill said.

“BoMill’s equipment offers a unique grain sorting technology, based on an individual assessment of the kernels’ inner properties,” said Andreas Jeppsson, chief executive officer of BoMill AB. “The grains can among others be sorted on occurrence of toxins or protein content, resulting in fractions of grains with unique and more homogeneous qualities, enabling optimum grain usage.”

Vladimir Tarasov, CEO of JSC Metelitca, added, “With our ambitions of delivering high-quality products and meet the level of excellence in food safety and food security we are pleased to enter the partnership with BoMill. The innovative NIR-T technology of BoMill, sorting grains on their inner properties, will help us to reach our high ambition to supply grain products of the highest quality for the food industry and end consumers. We are in partnership with BoMill setting a new quality standard for the grain handling and processing industry.”