RAVENSBURG, GERMANY — FrigorTec introduced the “deviro,” a mobile air purifier, which removes up to 99.995% of the coronavirus and particles from ambient air with an H1 HEPA filter.

With a noise emission level of 49 dB, the device is very quiet. This means the air purifier is suitable for use in offices and classrooms. FrigorTec, headquartered in Amtzell near Ravensburg, Germany, specializes in air conditioning and filtering for highly complex industrial and commercial applications. According to FrigorTec, its engineers developed the powerful air purifier during a development period of eight months.

Professional air purifiers significantly reduce the risk of virus infection via aerosols, including SARS-CoV-2. A series of studies has proven this claim many times. They also eliminate other viruses and particles.

When purchasing an air purifier, two criteria are particularly important. First, studies such as the one conducted by Münster University Hospital (UKM) in February show that for effective protection, air purifiers must be equipped with H14 HEPA filters.

Second, the device must be capable of an air exchange rate greater than five times per hour in the room in which it is used.

The deviro satisfies both criteria, said Ralph Kolb, managing director at FrigorTec.

“Deviro, our new air purifier, has three filter stages,” Kolb said. “In the highest stage, it fulfils the applicable standard for H14 filters with an air exchange rate of six times per hour in rooms of just over 100 cubic meters. It is ideally suited for use in large conference rooms, training rooms, switchgear and technical rooms, canteens and classrooms.”

Operating costs are another criterion for air purifiers. Kolb said in the medium term it always pays to procure a professional device.

“In terms of costs, the device’s filter service life is key,” he said. “As the H14 HEPA filter is not exactly cheap to replace, the price of a professional air purifier such as our deviro will be amortized within 24 months as compared to supposedly more affordable devices.”

The new deviro air purifier is available online at frigortec-shop.com. FrigorTec also offers interested companies, authorities and schools free consultation for planning and commissioning.