UTRECHT, NETHERLANDS — Henry Simon’s new purifier (HSPU) received a Grapas 2022 Award during the VICTAM International exhibition in Utrecht, Netherlands.

The purifier was awarded for its innovations including Advanced Sensor Technology, which presents higher reliability, better operational safety, and consistent quality together in the bran removal process.

This is the third award for the machine following  the Good Design Award in 2020 and German Innovation Award in 2021.

The new HSPU Purifier was developed in the collaboration of Henry Simon R&D team with Italdesign – one of the most famous industrial design offices worldwide.

The Advanced Sensor Technology includes four different sensors that are used to ensure safe and reliable bran removal process, and consistent performance. For example, the digital manometer sensor detects and warns about any fluctuation in the air pressure to ensure proper air flow inside the machine, and an efficient separation accordingly.

The purifier includes a touchscreen control panel that allows monitoring of the operating data including amplitude, frequency, static air pressure, motor load ratio, etc. In addition, the maintenance software allows monitoring of the status of consumable parts (rubber springs, LED light, vibro motors, etc.), as well as maintenance history, error log information, etc.