HOUSTON, TEXAS, U.S. — Satake USA, Inc. debuted its optical sorter FMSR-IR at the Pack Expo Las Vegas this September.

The new FMSR-IR series is an all-in-one machine with Satake's latest RGB technology, IR, and Shape sorting capabilities all together in one machine to remove unwanted products such as discoloration, foreign material, and irregular-shape defects from products such as tree-nuts, dry beans, corn, seeds, plastics, and a wide variety of products.

Additionally, it is equipped with user-friendly intelligent software interface with automatic accept and defect profile creation. Although production capacity depends on incoming product conditions and chute configurations, the FMSR-IR is capable of sorting corn, for example, at 9 tph and pinto beans at 7 tph, with 3 chute primary sort configuration. Furthermore, FMSR-IR comes with standard stainless steel removable Accept/Reject hopper for easy cleaning, sanitation, and maintenance.

The FMSR-IR is designed based on the popular "FMS series Optical Sorter" originally developed in Japan. It utilizes pre-assembled core components, optics for example, manufactured in Japan for the highest sorting performance and to provide affordable solutions to processors seeking for higher product output quality with mid-size capacity.

Satake will continue to exhibit FMSR-IR at other exhibitions through 2020.