Satake FSMR series of optical sorters
Satake introduced the FSMR series of optical sorters in Brazil.
Photo courtesy of Satake.
JOINVILLE, BRAZIL — Satake America Latina Ltda. released its latest optical sorter, the FSMR series, to meet the demands of various industries in Brazil.

The new series of sorters uses Satake’s latest RGB technology, which include shape sorting capabilities to remove unwanted products such as discoloration and irregular shapes from small products.

The FMSR 02-L, with two chutes, and the FMSR 03-L with three chutes, will be launched in the Brazilian market.

For larger capacity requirements, multiple models of the sorters can be connected, up to six chutes. For example, FMSR 02-L and FMSR 03-L can be connected to make up a 5-chute optical sorter for the rice industry with higher throughput.

The series is designed based on the sorters sold in Asia. It utilizes pre-assembled core components, optics for example, manufactured in Japan for the highest sorting performance. However, as most other components are manufactured in Brazil, the system benefits from FINAME financing.

“The FMSR is a Brazilian optical sorter incorporating Satake’s latest technology developed in Japan,” said Kohei Kishimoto, lead engineer for the FSMR development. “With its flexibility to meet variable customer’s capacity requirements, it offers a wide range of usage in many different applications in Brazil.”