LONDON, ENGLAND — Bühler is ready to launch its newest optical sorter, the SPARK Pro, offering simple operation with reliable performance for small and medium businesses around the world.

The SPARK Pro is beginner-friendly, simple to operate, and still produces a reliable yield quality. It works with multiple commodities, including grains, pulses, rice, coffee, spices, and peanuts, to remove unwanted defects from the product, for example, sticks and stones, helping food processors achieve better yield quality, greater food safety and meet regulation standards.

SPARK is not Bühler Group’s top-end and most digitally connected optical sorter, instead, it works and works well, in all environments and against most challenges, the company said. SPARK is targeting small to medium businesses, helping bring food safety standards, and supporting environmental initiatives around the world.

“SPARK Pro is built for industry purpose,” said Bernhard Gabauer, who led the project. “From the camera technology to the saturation value, SPARK processes quickly, easily, and well.”

The easy operation and affordable price means organizations of all sizes can access safe food and good yield quality, without the need for complicated operator training and reducing the chances of human error.

SPARK Pro shows a 99% to 99.7% accept quality, depending on the application.

SPARK features:

  • Easy-to-use operation and setup
  • One machine solution for all applications
  • Non-stop sorting algorithm
  • Zero-spillage concept
  • Available in flexible sizing up to 10 chutes.
SPARK will be available in November for South and Central Americas, Africa, India, Southeast Asia, China, and the Middle East, and in early 2024 in Europe.