WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA — The Canadian International Grains Council (Cigi) selected Dean Dias to take over as interim chief executive officer. He will begin his new role once JoAnne Buth retires on May 24.

“In his progressive roles at Cigi, Dias has gained the knowledge and developed the leadership skills that will serve Cigi well,” said Kevin Bender, chair of the board of directors of Cigi.

Since 2009, Dias has held multiple positions at Cigi, which include IT specialist, manager of programs, and director of value chain relations. In his current role Dias works with the Canadian value chain and international customers, contributing to the overall strategy, execution and delivery of training and market development programs, which promote and differentiate the Canadian brand around the world.

Bender also noted that with Dias’s experience at Cigi he has a clear understanding of the needs of the organization as well as key relationships with international customers.

Dias has a diploma in software engineering from Cambrian College in Sudbury Ontario and a bachelor of business administration degree from the University of Winnipeg. Dias moved to Canada in 2006 from Mumbai, India, to pursue further education.

“I am very proud to have this opportunity to lead Cigi and work with the dedicated team of world-class highly qualified professionals to support the needs of our members and the overall success of the industry,” Dias said. “In this role I look forward to working with the board of directors and with the Canadian grain value chain, from farmers to end-use customers to increase the value of Canadian grain crops.

“Cigi now and into the future, is a critical part of the Canadian high-quality grain brand, where vision, technical market support and collaboration will be paramount to the whole industry’s success.”

Cigi is an independent market development institute created in 1972. More than 43,000 people representing grain, oilseed, pulse and special crops industries from 115 countries have participated in Cigi programs and seminars. Cigi’s mission is to be the trusted independent source for milling, quality and end-use functionality expertise for millers and end users of Canadian grain to increase market opportunities and end-user success.

Cigi is funded by farmers, grain handlers and exporters with support from the government of Canada and industry partners.