KIEV, UKRAINE — Commodity trade professionals looking for an introduction into commodity contracts and trade principles can attend the Trade Foundation Course, Dec. 11-13, in Kiev, Ukraine.

The International Association of Grain and Feed Trade’s (Gafta) event will cover the essential elements from how a contract is formed, to identifying and mitigating common risks, issues around the shipping of goods and what happens if a dispute arises.

The course is part of the Gafta Professional Development (GPD) program, which enables trade professionals to advance their career in the industry by taking the Trade Diploma and potentially going on to become Gafta arbitrators.

The course will be in English and is open to Gafta members and non-members.

Topics include: basic principles of contracting; introduction to Gafta contracts and contract terms; supervision and sampling; shipping documents; laytime and demurrage; payment terms; exceptional circumstances; and arbitration, mediation and disputes

At the end of the final day, there will be an examination for all course participants. Those who pass will receive an electronic certificate.

This course is aimed at trade professionals who want a basic overview of commodity trading essentials; are in the first two years of their careers; want to develop their career; or have been in the trade for some years but want to expand their knowledge.

To register for this event, visit the Gafta website.