KIEV, UKRAINE — Ukraine and the International Association of Grain and Feed Trade (GAFTA) met on Aug. 27 to discuss continued cooperation and trade. 

“Ukraine is the third largest grain exporter in the world. This year we exported 34.8 million tonnes of grain and in 2015-16 we hope to increase or export to over 36 million tonnes,” said Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Oleksiy Pavlenko. “Cooperation with international organizations and associations is a prerequisite for the success of Ukrainian exporters in the world market.”

The parties discussed the progress of reforms to regulate the agricultural sector, modernization of the industry, as well as continued cooperation with GAFTA, relating to quality control of grain and food processing.

GAFTA and the Agriculture Inspectorate of Ukraine have been working together on regional and state grain inspection since 2007.

“Given the fact that Ukraine Agriculture Inspectorate is subject to liquidation, the question now is whether to transfer all of its functions of monitoring the quality of grain and processed products of the State Service for Food Safety and Consumer Protection,” Pavlenko said. “Ukraine is interested to continue and maintain a close partnership with GAFTA, so we are making every effort to continue the fruitful cooperation.”

Deputy Minister for European Integration Vladislav Rutytska noted the importance of GAFTA in Ukraine and described the process of harmonization of national legislation on the E.U. regulations.

“Currently, one of the priorities of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy is to create favorable conditions for the revival of business activity in the industry. We are committed to implementing not only European but also global standards of relations in the agricultural market,” Rutytska said. “Creating a network of independent local laboratories accredited in GAFTA will help speed up the circulation of agricultural products in the country and facilitate its access to foreign markets.”