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LONDON, ENGLAND — The 27th IGC International Grains Conference will focus on the latest supply and demand issues within the grain industry. It will be June 19-20, 2018 at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London, England.

The annual event brings together around 300 participants representing the global grains supply chain, from producers, exporters, traders, brokers, processors, trade associations, inspection services, shipping and logistics companies, to policy makers.

The IGC forecast for 2018-19 marketing year shows a trend with less stocks and potential peaks in trade. The main question to be addressed on the first day of the conference will be “Are grains and oilseeds supplies too heavy to maintain a dynamic market?”

Leading international speakers will provide their perspectives on the current and forecast supply and demand situation, the latest developments in the Russian exports and emerging markets, the new potential provided by innovative technologies in the grain sector and the challenges within logistics and infrastructure.

The conference will include workshops on the sustainable value chain enhancement in the grains and oilseed sector. The conference will look at three commodity sessions where stakeholders will share their views and engage in direct discussion with leaders and experts in the market on current topical issues:

  • Grains Market: Technical barriers to trade hosted by the International Grain Trade Coalition (IGTC)
  • Rice market: Is sustainable production able to tackle the instability of the rice market?
  • Oilseeds market: Is vegetable oil or vegetable protein the main driver for the future?

For more information visit www.igc.int or email conf@igc.int.