WESTMINSTER, LONDON, ENGLAND — The International Grains Council’s (IGC) annual conference is set for June 6 and it will focus on trade in the evolving market and prospects for the future. The conference will be held at the Queen Elizabeth Centre II in Westminster, London.

The global trading environment continues to evolve. The dominance of some traditional exporters has been challenged by the emergence of other suppliers, including in the Black Sea region and South America.

Regional trade agreements could contribute to shifting trade flows. The shape of the E.U. is changing following the Brexit vote and will require a raft of new trade-related negotiations, both within Europe and with third country markets.

According to the IGC, there are many other factors that influence trading patterns, such as freight rates, currency movements and local supply and demand conditions, and these will continue to be important moving forward.

Topics that will be discussed at the event include:

  • How will global trading patterns develop in the medium term?
  • Bumper harvests have boosted grains and oilseeds supplies to record highs, but what are the risks moving forward?
  • Amid sustained food security challenges, what plans do the world’s key buyers have to meet future needs?
  • How are producers, exporters and importers responding in the evolving trading environment?

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