LONDON, ENGLAND — Due to the travel restrictions related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the International Grains Council announced on April 17 that it will hold a virtual conference this year instead of meeting in person.

The IGC Secretariat is arranging a virtual international conference that will include 12 workshops on different themes, including reshaping globalization, climate change, trade finance and the latest grains, oilseeds and rice market developments.  

“IGC decided to organize the Grains Conference as market transparency is even more needed and the conference is a unique platform of dialogue between the public and the private sector,” said Arnaud Petit, executive director of the IGC.

Petit said the conference will include a list of videos on demand and Q&A sessions via a mobile app.

All video presentations will be available for download on June 10.

“We have just updated the conference website with some new commodities session (wheat and maize),” he said. “We did a substantial effort in pricing to allow the maximum of participants to get the most recent insight of the market development.”

The 29th IGC Conference had been scheduled for June 9-10 at the Congress Centre in London.

 For more information on the virtual conference program and to register please go to:

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