WEST PERTH, AUSTRALIA — All Western Australian grain growers who have delivered grain to the CBH Group storage and handling network in the last three years have this week received their first Grower Value Statement from CBH, the company said on Feb. 24.

CBH Group Chief Executive Officer Andrew Crane said the CBH Group's Grower Value Statement provides growers with an overview of their individual transactions with the CBH Group.

"It details the real value that CBH has returned to growers," Crane said. "Each statement clearly illustrates the ways in which CBH has created and returned value to individual growers, their local communities, their local zones and their industry as a whole.

"We are proud to be a grower-owned co-operative — one who is focused solely on creating and returning value for our growers. The Grower Value Statement clearly outlines the ways in which the business is delivering on this commitment, whether it be creating value through investment in infrastructure for the storage and handling network, or returning value through initiatives such as the CBH Grain loyalty payment.

The Grower Value Statement is unique to every grower, reflecting the individual grower's delivery details, nominations to CBH Grain and rebates received for freight.