WEST PERTH, AUSTRALIA — CBH Group members will have the opportunity to discuss the future of their cooperative with Chairman Neil Wandel and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Andrew Crane at the CBH Group’s annual chairman/CEO meetings in September, the company announced on Aug. 30.

These meetings will provide growers with an opportunity to hear more about the progress of the board’s investigation into the most appropriate future structure for the business and to receive greater detail on the shortlist of preferred models.

Wandel said members will also receive greater insight into how CBH is working to become a more efficient and effective business.

"I urge all members to attend these meetings," Wandel said. "This is a valuable opportunity for members to provide their feedback on the potential models being presented and to ensure their input is considered as we work towards a final decision on structure.

"The need to ensure CBH has the most appropriate structure in place has never been more important and, with pressures such as continued consolidation and the growing presence of international competitors occurring in the grain industry, it is vital that growers understand all the issues that will impact the future of their cooperative."

Wandel said the meetings provide members with an opportunity to ‘step into the board room’ and have a closer look at their business.

"Make no mistake, the CBH Group is transforming to become a far more efficient and effective business," he said. "We are the only major Australian grain business that remains grower-owned — one that is wholly committed to its grower-members and one that makes every business decision in the best interests of growers.

"The review of our structure, and the changes CBH is making in the way it operates, will help ensure it remains competitive, successful and able to continue creating value for growers in the long-term."

Wandel said all CBH members would have received an invitation in the post to attend their local chairman/CEO meeting. The meetings kick off in Three Springs and Mullewa on Sept. 10 and will wind up in Brookton on Oct. 13.