OMAHA, NEBRASKA, U.S. — The Scoular Co. will serve as a North American marketing partner for Soy Labs, LLC, which produces soy ingredients such as Lunasin XP and LunaSoy.

“We’re excited to be working with a research-driven company like Soy Labs that is devoted to leveraging technology to produce novel, high-quality soy ingredients,” said Anne Brown, senior manager of the food ingredients marketing group for Scoular. “Two products of particular interest are Lunasin XP and LunaSoy, ingredients that are both poised to deliver the heart health benefits of the Lunasin soy peptide in consumer products.”

LunaSoy is designed to enhance the nutritional profile of products currently using soy powders. It also may serve as an alternative to wheat and glutinous grains in baked foods. Lunasin XP is a patented bioactive soy peptide extract that supports cardiovascular health and exhibits anti-inflammatory properties. Soy Labs, a nutraceutical company, is based in Mexico, Missouri, U.S.