HAMBURG, GERMANY — Stern Ingredients Asia-Pacific will present its latest new products at FI Asia, Oct. 15-17, in Jakarta, Indonesia. Its sister company Berg + Schmidt Asia will also be represented on the joint stand No. D21 with novel products from its lecithin range.

As the international marketing company of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, Stern Ingredients Asia-Pacific represents the ranges of its German sister firms Hydrosol, Mühlenchemie, SternEnzym and SternVitamin.

With its Pastazym line, Mühlenchemie, one of the internationally leading enterprises in the field of flour treatment and flour improvement, offers a diversity of products for use in noodles made from hard or soft wheat, or mixtures of the two, with a protein content of more than 11%. By using the specially adjusted flour improvers, noodle and pasta manufacturers can optimize their production processes to meet specific requirements. This enables them to use cheaper wheat varieties as an alternative and thus considerably reduce their raw material costs. Pastazym enhances the appearance, cooking tolerance and bite of the noodles, increases the mechanical stability of the dried pasta and shortens the drying time during the production process. Another new product is LENTInovo; as an alternative to benzoyl peroxide it helps to meet the consumer’s preference for bread with a light-colored crumb. Its effect results from vegetable lipoxygenase, which bleaches the crumb of bread and other baked goods.

SternEnzym regards itself as an enzyme designer and specializes in developing enzymes and enzyme systems in response to the challenges faced by customers in the food industry. Its core competences are the customized development, production and marketing of enzyme systems. In Sternzym Fresh the company offers an enzyme complex developed specifically for use in the production of baking improvers or at industrial bakeries.

It prolongs the freshness of the crumb of wrapped loaves by as much as 15 days. This reduces the return of stale goods and lengthens the service intervals for the shelves; moreover, the products become stale less quickly after purchase by the consumer. To prolong the shelf-life of pastry goods containing a large proportion of fat and sugar, the new enzyme generation Sternzym Fresh Cake has been developed. The enzyme systems ensure that the crumb of wrapped cakes, cupcakes and similar products remains soft throughout their proposed shelf-life. The enhanced, soft mouth feel prolongs the impression of freshness and increases consumer acceptance.

Berg + Schmidt Asia, based in Singapore, is also represented on the joint stand. At this exhibition the company’s special focus is on deoiled lecithins based on IP soy and sunflower seeds. These deoiled lecithin powders have a very high active ingredient content of about 95%, which means that they can be dosed in much smaller amounts and adjusted quickly and flexibly to the recipe.

They emulsify very well with water, and being in the form of a powder they are especially suitable for use in bakery products and bakery premixes. A further focus is on liquid lecithins. These include standardized liquid sunflower lecithins. They have similar functional properties to the IP soy lecithins but do not have to be declared as allergens. The company’s core competences further include the production and worldwide sale of quality MCT oils. These are colorless, odorless and tasteless and have very low viscosity. MCT oil is a multifunctional substance and also acts as a releasing agent, glaze, viscosity regulator, carrier and transportation aid. The many applications range from baby food through baked goods, meat products and sweets to special products for athletes.