WEST PERTH, AUSTRALIA — Agricultural Opportunities Australasia Pty Ltd (AOA) announced on June 30 that it has purchased various assets from Lupin Foods Australia Pty Ltd (LFA), a wholly owned subsidiary of the CBH Group. LFA was founded in 2012.

Following an asset sale agreement between AOA and LFA, AOA said it will acquire all intellectual property relating to the LFA brand and the business previously operated by LFA including rights to social media platforms and content, the lupin stock on hand and various other assets relating to the LFA business.

The sale of LFA’s assets to AOA will ensure the work conducted by LFA in the development of the lupin flake product will be continued, the company said CBH closed the LFA facility in March after it failed to achieve the strategic and financial objectives set by the CBH board. 

AOA said it will re-establish lupin processing operations at a new location which will ensure existing lupin flake customers can continue to source the product at selected retail outlets.

AOA said it is looking forward to working with the Western Australian lupin industry through the development of strategic relationships and products to supply the growing export demand for lupin products.