WEST PERTH, AUSTRALIA — The CBH Group is set to ship Australia’s largest-ever canola shipment this week with a cargo worth more than A$60,000,000.

The MV Anangel Zennith will contain approximately 90,000 tonnes of canola, also making it Western Australia’s largest ever grain shipment.

The CBH Group General Manager of Marketing and Trading Jason Craig said the shipment is possible because of customer demand and the current historical low in the sea freight market.

“Last year around the same time the MV Harvest Frost shipped around 77,000 tonnes,” Craig said. "It’s great to see that within the space of a year the processes have improved allowing us to ship around 13,000 more.”

“The ship containing canola is chartered by CBH and bound for Northern Europe,” said Dane Robertson, CBH Group Trading Manager for Protein and Oilseeds who also noted Europe is a major destination for Australian canola.

“This year will again be no exception with current market conditions resulting in European market paying a significant premium over alternative markets,” said Robertson. “For this season CBH has already loaded a number of vessels which have set sail for Europe. An average canola shipment is around 60,000 tonnes, so there are obvious benefits and economies of scale achieved when loading 90,000-tonne shipment.”

“CBH is again planning to market around one million tonnes of canola for 2015-16, a target it has achieved in the previous two seasons,” Robertson said.

The CBH Group Chartering and Shipping Manager, Ben Geneve, said the mini cape- sized vessel will take around 35 days to travel from Kwinana to Europe.

“A shipment of this size is a great demonstration of the CBH supply chain and of our ongoing focus on costs,” said Geneve. “By working closely with our customers and taking advantage of sea freight markets at historical lows, we can capitalize on the market conditions for the benefit of both growers and customers.”