WEST PERTH, AUSTRALIA — The CBH Group announced on June 7 that it will be holding storage and handling fees flat across Western Australia this season. 

Reducing costs, together with the introduction of network strategy and its increased savings and efficiency, allowed CBH to avoid any increases to the fees for the year, said David Capper, CBH Group general manager of operations.

“It’s a great outcome; especially when you factor in that we’ve both absorbed the CPI increase and we’re investing A$150 million ($111 million) per annum into the network for the next five years,” he said.  

This year CBH is also introducing some changes to its storage and handling services and pricing structure.

“CBH is always looking to enhance and improve its services to ensure it is meeting the changing needs of growers and marketers,” Capper said. “We want to continue to ensure that our grain growers and marketers have the most efficient, flexible and cost effective supply chain so they remain competitive with other grain origins globally. That’s why we’re refining our network and the services it offers.

“The services available will include the retention of our existing integrated service, the introduction of a new ‘site select’ service in which marketers will be able to buy grain at site, and a series of ‘direct to vessel’ services.We’re providing growers and marketers with a greater variety of options and flexibility in how they can use CBH’s supply chain.”

The new services allow growers and marketers to coordinate deliveries of grain directly to vessels.

“This demonstrates a genuine supply chain saving that can then be passed back to growers and marketers who choose to use these services,” Capper said. “It’s important to note that our flagship integrated service will still be available to every grower and every customer at every site now and into the future.”

“We’re working to have everything ready for harvest and look forward to engaging with growers and marketers on how they can get the best out of the CBH supply chain over the next few months,” he said.