WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA — Changes to the Canadian Grain Commission's (CGC) services and fees will begin on Aug. 1, as the result of changes to the Canada Grain Act and the Canada Grain Regulations and a review of the fees charged for services and licenses. 

"Upcoming changes reflect the Canadian Grain Commission's commitment to meeting the needs of Canada's grain industry," said Elwin Hermanson, chief commissioner. "Change is necessary for us to continue fulfilling our mandate of working in the interests of Canadian grain producers and ensuring Canada's grain is a dependable, quality commodity for domestic and export markets." 

Changes to the Canada Grain Act were part of the Jobs and Growth Act, 2012 and were aimed at streamlining the CGC’s operations. These changes also necessitate related amendments to the Canada Grain Regulations. 

These changes include: 
•           Authorizing third-party companies inspecting inward shipments of grain at licensed terminal elevators. 
•           Giving elevator operators and shippers (including producer car shippers), the right to request a reinspection from the CGC for binding determination of grade and dockage if there is a disagreement. 
•           Moving the responsibility for inspection and weighing of domestic laker shipments from the CGC to the private sector 
•           Eliminating the Grain Appeal Tribunal, registration and cancellation of receipts at terminal elevators, and mandatory weigh-overs 
•           CGC oversight of inward inspection and weighing data collection 
•           Combining terminal and transfer elevators licenses into a single class (called terminal) 
•           Moving to an oversight role in outward weighing at licensed terminal elevators

The producer payment protection model in the Licensing Program is unchanged at this time. 

As part of the changes to the Canada Grain Act, the CGC has proposed changes to the producer payment protection model in the Licensing Program. Under the proposed new model, producers will be protected against non-payment for their eligible grain deliveries. Producers will continue to be covered under the current security program until the new program takes effect. 

Fees for CGC services and licenses will change as of Aug. 1.