DuWayne Thompson CHS Aligned Solutions

DuWayne Thompson,  CHS Align Solutions new national accounts director of grain marketing.

ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA, U.S. — CHS Aligned Solutions announced on April 4 the appointment of DuWayne Thompson as national accounts director of grain marketing.

“This is the first of our new positions connecting seasoned CHS subject matter experts in grain, crop nutrients and energy with established cooperatives that share a mutual desire to grow our businesses together,” said Mark Biedenfeld, vice-president, CHS Aligned Solutions. “In his new role, DuWayne will bring his deep experience in management to select member co-ops and newly identified co-op customers with a long-term strategic focus specifically around their grain business. In addition, DuWayne will serve as an important trusted advisor with cooperative boards and leadership on behalf of the broader CHS enterprise.”

Thompson will closely collaborate with both CHS Aligned Solutions and CHS Grain Marketing.

He began his 35-year career in agribusiness with Manvel Farmers Cooperative in Manvel, North Dakota, U.S. Since 1992, he has held positions across various CHS business units, including CHS Aligned Solutions, CHS Capital, CHS Grain Marketing and CHS Country Operations. He has been a region vice-president with CHS Country Operations since 2014.

Throughout his career, Thompson has taken advantage of CHS-sponsored professional development opportunities, as well as the Graduate Institute of Cooperative Education at the University of Missouri. He has been active in the agriculture industry serving on boards, committees and commissions, including Central Plains Ag, Producer Ag, United Prairie Ag, Cornerstone Ag and Northern Illinois Alliance.