PARANÁ, BRAZIL — The Port of Antonina announced on March 23 that it will increase its annual traffic by 850,000 tonnes, raising port traffic to 2.3 million tonnes, an increase of 56.6%.

Hélder Barbalho, the minister of the secretariat of ports, signed the authorization for new investments in the port, a 114.18 real million ($30,991,183) value.

"Antonina gradually expands its participation in the ports of Paraná," said Beto Richa, the governor of Paraná. "This is very important at a time when the country, more than ever, needs to expand its exports and consolidate a consistent balance in its trade balance. Not to mention the positive impact that the investment will bring to the region. "

With the authorization, the Ponta do Felix Terminal, which has a lease for frozen and bulk cargo handling in Antonina, will enlarge the wharf of the port terminal.

The development project of the port structure also begins the construction of mooring line, which  will operate the third berth of the port;  the construction of railway branch line linking the Ponta do Felix Terminal to the Terminal Barão de Teffé Public; andthe construction of a grain warehouse – especially for fertilizers -with static capacity to 120,000 tonnes. The warehouse will be installed in an area of 18,000 square meters.

"The terminal enlargement strengthens the port of Antonina, generating employment, income and economic development for the region," said Luiz Henrique Splitting, president of the administration of ports of Paranagua and Antonina (Appa).

The request was made by the terminal investment in 2011 and approved by  the administration of ports of Paranagua and Antonina and the National Agency of waterway transportation (Antaq).

According to, Valdécio Bombonatto, the chief executive officer of the terminal tip of Felix, the planned investment will make the port of Antonina more competitive and stable. These investments will make it possible to diversify the cargo handling and also bring the prospect of development for the city and region.