ATLANTA, GEORGIA, U.S. — Delacon recently announced that Land O’Lakes, Inc. animal nutrition businesses, including the new business unit, PMI Nutritional Additives, will be its exclusive partner in the U.S. for phytogenic feed additives.

Delacon, which coined the term phytogenics to describe natural feed additives made from plant extracts and botanical compounds more than 25 years ago, has collaborated with Land O’Lakes feed division since 2000, the company said. The expanded partnership with Land O’ Lakes new business unit, PMI Nutritional Additives, will allow for in-house and field trials of Delacon’s phytogenics, and provide the opportunity to conduct fundamental research to develop new approaches to feeding animals using phytogenics.

“As the global feed industry seeks antibiotic-free feeding programs, our cooperation comes at a critical time of transition,” said Markus Dedl, Delacon’s chief executive officer (CEO). “We not only want to participate in this opportunity, but we want to advance animal nutrition and help lead the industry into the future.”

The expanded research and development of phytogenic feed additives for all animal types in the U.S. provide the cornerstone of this enhanced partnership, the company said.

“With more intensive and direct collaboration with Delacon, we are bringing the plant-based feed additives to a new level in the United States,” said Dave Hoogmoed, executive vice-president and chief operating officer (COO) for Land O’Lakes feed division.

“Phytogenic innovations developed through our collaborative research and development efforts aim to deliver optimized performance by supporting nutrient utilization, gut health and integrity,” said Tim Makens, general manager for PMI Nutritional Additives.

“Research and development is the driver for everything we do,” Makens said. “Collaborations between leaders can bring better ideas to market faster. This partnership helps develop more efficient and effective solutions to the challenges we face today and those we don’t yet know.”