HIROSHIMA, JAPAN — Satake Corp. and Alapala Machine Industry & Trade Inc. announced on June 29 that the companies have signed a strategic partnership agreement. This partnership is an opportunity for both companies to combine their expertise, resources, experiences and sales networks. The partnership will include mutual licensing for manufacturing, joint product development, mutual distributorship, and joint sales and marketing promotion.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to expand our global businesses in the grain industries by combining our considerable strengths in R&D, manufacturing, marketing, sales and after-sales service within both companies,” said Toshiko Satake, chairperson of Satake Corporation.

“With the combined synergies of Alapala and Satake, this partnership will enable both the companies to offer unique services to the grain industry,” said Görkem Alapala, vice-chairman of Alapala Machine Industry & Trade Inc.

Founded in 1896, Satake started as an inventor of Japan’s first power driven rice milling machine. Today, Satake is a global leader in the grain processing technology and produces a comprehensive range of individual machines, integrated systems and total engineering solutions for the processing of rice, wheat and other grains. Satake has manufacturing and sales bases in eleven countries including Japan, U.S., Brazil, U.K., India, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China and Australia.

Founded in 1954, Alapala is a global provider of flour mills, maize mills, rice mills, feed mills, silos and storage systems, and steel fabricated mill buildings. Alapala builds turnkey plants of any desired capacity and is a one of the top 500 exporters in Turkey, exporting 95% of its production. It has a considerable number of turnkey references in over 85 countries in all the four continents.