MISSION, KANSAS, U.S. — Tri-State Crush, LLC, an organic and non-GMO soybean crush facility located in Nappanee, Indiana, U.S., and The Redwood Group, LLC, a commodity supply chain solutions and merchandising company in Mission, Kansas, U.S., announced on July 16 the formation of a strategic relationship that will create an additional outlet for local producers to market their production and will better connect the end users to the source. The Redwood Group will be procuring organic and non-GMO soybeans for the plant as well as marketing the meal and oil from the extrusion process.

The partnership combines an expertise in logistics, sourcing, and quality assurance programs with a facility that can supply organic and non-GMO products, the companies said. They noted that the partnership delivers a transparent and sustainable supply chain that is built to support a growing industry.

“We are excited to bring these growing markets back to our community here in Indiana,” said Travis Luke, owner of Tri-State. “The partnership with Redwood will contribute to our ability to give our organic and non-GMO customers a secure, reliable, and efficient supply of product.”

Mike Kincaid, president of Redwood, added, “We are thrilled to partner with Tri-State Crush to expand our vision of being a leader in the organic supply chain business. Our mission is to innovate and create additional verticals in our respective businesses, which a strong partnership with Tri-State clearly accomplishes.”

Tri-State Crush, LLC owns and operates an organic and non-GMO soybean crush facility located in Nappanee, Indiana.

The Redwood Group, LLC specializes in food and feed ingredient supply, grain merchandising, physical and financial energy, and logistics solutions throughout North America and abroad.  Its team manages a broad range of commodities, working with the entire supply chain from producers to end users, Redwood said.

Redwood was formed in 2010 with a focus on trading whole grains, specialty crops and energy products throughout the United States and Canada. The company also exports products around the world.

In 2017, Redwood formed Stricks Ag through a partnership with Strick, LLC. Stricks Ag owns elevators and a processing facility in Chester, Montana, U.S., as well as various operations throughout Montana and central Canada. The Chester facility cleans and sorts pulse and specialty grain products in bulk, totes, and bags and ships via railcar and truck for delivery throughout North America and overseas, the company said.

Also in 2017, Redwood acquired two Missouri, U.S.-based facilities from Lathrop Feed & Grain, Inc.