BRUSSELS, BELGIUM — Euromalt announced on Jan. 13 the election of Philippe Lehrmann as the new president for a two-year mandate by the general assembly.

Lehrmann is the head of the Studies and Strategic Survey department at Axereal Group in France and has been working for the malting industry for 12 years. He succeeds Nicholas King, who has served as Euromalt president since 2006. 
After being elected, Lehrmann said he will strive to affirm the role of E.U. maltsters in the international markets and as a key link in the barley-malt-beer supply chain.

“The E.U. malting industry as a significant contributor of the E.U. trade balance along with offering farmers a resilient outlet thrives on exports of quality malts and looks forward to the swift and positive conclusion of free trade agreements that will further market access opportunities in key destination countries,” said Lehrmann. “At the same time our industry is very attentive to environmental performances and food safety and calls for E.U. policies that recognize these efforts without penalizing the competitiveness of a successful sector”.
Euromalts general assembly also renewed the mandate of Tim Stonehouse as vice-president and of Dietrich Mönch as vice-president and chairman of the technical committee. King was elected vice-president of Euromalt while Bertjan Grootes was nominated treasurer of the association.