MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, U.S. — At its Oct. 18 organizational meeting, MGEX announced its board of directors, named 2011-12 public directors, board officers and approved committee representatives.

Four public directors were appointed by the board; Curt Denisuik, Steve Fanady, William R. Power and Alan Swimmer. Each will serve a one-year term.

The board elected officers and members of the executive committee. Scott A. Cordes was named board chairperson; Gary S. Weber was elected first vice-chairperson; and Richard A. Dusek was named second vice-chairperson. Public directors Steve Fanady and William R. Power complete the executive committee.

The board appointed chairpersons for committees of the board of directors and standing committees of the corporation. A list is below.

Committees of the Board — Chairperson
Finance — Gary S. Weber
Membership — Joseph L. Tabet
Exchange Room — Martin F. Farrell
Personnel and Compensation — Richard A. Dusek
Regulatory Oversight — William R. Power
Standing Committees of the Corporation — Chairperson
Business Conduct — Scott A. Cordes
Cash Markets — Richard A. Dusek
Clearing House — Joseph L. Tabet
Futures Trading Conduct — Scott A. Cordes
Contracts — Richard A. Dusek
Nominations — Martin F. Farrell
Quotations — Albert Cyrlin