MOSCOW, RUSSIA — Rusgrain Holding OJSC announced on Nov. 8 several appointments for member companies.

Timur Butov was appointed chief executive officer (CEO) of Russian Grain LLC, the managing company of the agricultural holding, as well as general director of Russian Grain Trading House LLC. This is the first time that the CEO position has been introduced at Russian Grain LLC due to significant business growth. Day-to-day management of the agricultural holding, as well as further development of the company’s presence in the agricultural market, will fall within the CEO’s role.

Butov has 12 years of management experience in Russia’s leading agricultural holding companies. Earlier Butov headed Razgulyay Grain Company CJSC, member of the Razgulyay Group, for two years.

Maxim Chernikov was appointed to lead Russian Grain LLC foreign economic activity department a position he had previously held in the Razgulyay Group.

“We are glad that our management team will be reinforced by such professionals as Mr. Timur Butov and Mr. Maxim Chernikov. Mr. Butov has an extensive management experience at grain companies, and we believe that employing such a professional manager will contribute to further development of the trading and production divisions of the Group, as well as to a more efficient daily management of the Group’s activities from the single headquarters,” said Alexey Verkhoturov, general director of Russian Grain LLC.