PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA, U.S. — The Bühler Group said it will be showcasing various new and improved machinery during the International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM) trade show May 4-8 in Palm Springs, California, U.S.

The plansifter Seginus (MPAS) is one of the innovations. Its seamless synchronous drive has been developed especially for sifting and sorting and is unique worldwide. With its power unit integrated in the sifter bottom the new plansifter uses only a minimum amount of space. Compared to other plansifters, Bühler said the Segnius offers up to 20% more throughput capacity. The variable speed allows an optimal performance for a wide range of applications.

Another innovation is the Bühler impact machine Matador. The machine destroys insect eggs in flour and semolina with absolute certainty. A mortality rate of ≥ 99.5%, the multiple impacts of the cross-flow principle and a direct product flow guarantee maximum food safety and low operating cost.

In addition, Bühler will be presenting the improved bran finisher MKLD at the IAOM. The machine reliably removes adherent flour particles from the bran. Twice the number of beaters and an increased peripheral speed optimize the separation efficiency considerably. Furthermore, the beltless direct drive reduces the energy consumption up to 30%.

Three measuring systems for continuous particle size measurement (Online PSM MYTA), the NIR Multi-Online Analyzer for determining moisture, protein, ash and starch damage (MYRG), and the sensor MYHB for color and speck analysis will all be on display at the Bühler trade show booth.