STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN — Perten recently introduced the DA 7250 SD NIR instrument, which is optimized for rapid and accurate analysis of all types of foods. Its rugged build and easy-to-clean stainless steel housing make it ideal for at-line use.

Based on advanced diode array NIR technology and encased in an IP65 certified housing, the DA 7250 SD brings research grade accuracy to the production line. Designed with no moving parts in the optics it withstands vibrations and rough handling. Its touch screen and analysis in open-faced dishes make analysis straight-forward and intuitive.

All types of foods and ingredients can be analyzed in only 6 seconds, often with no sample preparation at all, Perten said. The use of disposable cups completely eliminates the need for cleaning between samples, further speeding up the workflow. To make it easy to keep the instrument clean, Perten designed it with an open analysis area and no sharp corners or crevices.

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