STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN — The IM 9500 from Perten Instruments is now NTEP approved for the measurements of moisture and test weight in medium grain rough rice (MGR), long grain rough rice, oats, and sorghum, the company said on Aug. 12.

The IM 9500 is Perten’s Whole Grain Near-infrared instrument widely used at elevators, grain traders, and grain processors. It’s a modern instrument based on industry standard near-infrared transmission technology.

“We are very pleased to continue to gain approvals such as this extension of NTEP,” said Gavin O’Reilly, president of Perten Instruments, Inc. “In recent months, the IM 9500 has received additional approvals from Austria and France to compliment previous approvals in the US, Germany, Australia among several other countries. It continues to be used more and more for grain trade purposes. The IM 9500 is now NTEP approved for all major grain types in the U.S., including test weight in oats, a first.”