KIEV, UKRAINE — The government of Ukraine accepted the decree on imposition of quotas for exports of grains from Ukraine in order to support the food security of Ukraine, declared Gregory Kaletnik, the head of the relevant committee on agrarian policy and land relations issues of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, APK-Inform said on Oct. 6.

According to Kaletnik, acceptance of the decree will completely secure the requirements of the country in forages, and provision with bread products.

Market participants also said that the Cabinet accepted the decision on imposition of quotas for grain exports. The government is discussing the order of quotas distribution, including the variant of selling the export rights through auction trading.

Previously Nikholay Azarov, the prime minister of Ukraine, entertained the possibility of imposing a grain export quota system in Ukraine. After receiving the final data on grain stocks, the government planned to make a decision concerning the accepted volumes of grain exports.

Also, during the visit to Japan, Boris Kolesnikov, the vice-prime minister of Ukraine, announced that Ukraine would possibly impose grain export limitations. He said Ukraine should sell the grain export quotas through the auction.