KYIV, UKRAINE — Ukraine has exported 17.3 million tonnes of grain since the beginning of the current marketing year (starting July 2011), an increase of 87% from the previous marketing year, Interfax reported on April 24.

Corn exports had the fastest growth rate with a more than threefold increase.

The country’s grain supply constituted 63 million tonnes in the current marketing year, Leonid Sukhomlyn, a representative of the Ukrainian agrarian ministry, said at a press conference. Thus, there is no need to restrict grain exports.

Previously, Ukraine introduced export quotas for grain in order to regulate its inner market. Grain quotas were imposed at the end of 2010 and lasted until mid-2011.

In January, it was reported that the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine expected grain exports in the 2011-12 marketing year to reach 26 million tonnes. Wheat exports were estimated at 7.8 million tonnes. As of now, wheat exports amounted to 4.3 million tonnes.

In January and February alone, Ukraine exported 750,000 tonnes of wheat, earning nearly $180 million, according to Corn exports during this period reached nearly 3 million tonnes, worth over $700 million.

In April, Ukraine and Jordan agreed to expand agricultural cooperation. The two countries signed an agreement that stipulates the construction of elevator facilities in Jordan. They are set to increase grain supply to Jordan as well as several of the neighboring states.