AHRENSBURG, GERMANY — Mühlenchemie GmbH & Co. KG announced on August 5 that Laurent Guérindon has been appointed its new regional sales manager for Africa and the Middle East.

Guérindon will be responsible for extending the company’s activities of in Africa and the Middle East. Mühlenchemie said that Guérindon, who was born in France, has years of professional experience and is already familiar with the region and the industry through his previous post as a Bakery Segment manager in the food ingredients industry.

"We are glad that in Laurent Guérindon we have found a qualified employee who will be able to implement our corporate philosophy in far-away markets," said Mühlenchemie’s managing director Lennart Kutschinski. "His duties will lie mainly in the sales sector and in advising the local mills on how to use our products. In many parts of Africa and the Middle East, more and more flour is being produced and the methods are becoming increasingly professional. The biggest challenges to millers lie in optimizing their processes and enhancing the quality of their products. Individual solutions can only be found through direct contact with the customer."