LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, U.S. — Horizon Milling introduced several new products at the 2013 International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) including sprouted white spring whole wheat flour and Primo Mulino Italian-style flour.

The sprouted flour helps bakers meet consumers' growing interest in alternative whole grain products while also achieving better bake performance, Horizon said. It produces loaf volumes that are 10%-12% greater. Proofing times were reduced to a significant degree and farinograph results showed doughs made of 100% sprouted white spring whole wheat flour tolerated abuse much longer than non-sprouted white spring whole wheat doughs. 

During sensory tests, Primo Mulino Italian-style flour was comparable to one of the most popular imported 00 flours during a blind taste test of Neapolitan-style pizza, Horizon said.

Italian 00 flour is finely milled and typically has 10%-12.5% protein. "00" refers to the fineness of the flour and coarseness along with reference to the amount of bran and germ removed. It is unbleached and does not contain additives, giving the flour a slightly creamy color.  

Mixed with hard, spring and soft wheat, Horizon Milling's new Primo Mulino Italian-style flour is finely milled and the high protein content produces a soft, supple dough that is easy to work with, Horizon said. It is enriched but otherwise free of treatments and additives. It is ideal for creating pizza crusts, flatbreads, Italian breads like ciabatta and focaccia, Artisan and European-style hearth breads, pan breads and crackers, Horizon said.