WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA — Horizon Milling G.P., a partnership formed by Cargill and CHS, announced on Dec. 13 plans to construct a new flour mill in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. The facility is expected to be open in the next three years and will be built on a 27-acre site Horizon Milling recently purchased.

The new facility will primarily serve Horizon Milling’s food processing customers in the southwestern Ontario market. Grain will be predominantly sourced from Canadian farmers in both eastern and western Canada. The project will increase Horizon Milling’s Canadian production by up to 30%. Horizon Milling also operates flour mills in Montreal and Saskatoon. This project will be the company’s first new mill built in Canada since it entered the Canadian flour milling business via acquisition in 2006.

“Our new mill will represent the future in flour mills. As a completely new complex, we will incorporate the latest technologies in the industry and design the site to allow farmers easy access for deliveries and efficient rail and truck loading systems, among other innovations,” said Dan Dye, Horizon Milling president. “We look forward to starting the project and working closely with the community in the coming years to make it a reality.”

Horizon Milling anticipates bringing 15 to 20 new jobs to Guelph as the facility nears completion. Cargill currently employs more than 1,500 people in Guelph at its Meat Solutions and Case Ready businesses.

Details about the design and timing of the new Horizon Milling flour mill will be announced in the future.