ISTANBUL, TURKEY — Alapala Academy and Innovation Center is now offering training opportunities to industry professionals across the world.

In cooperation with the International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM), Alapala started hands-on training activities on Sept. 4, with Jeff Gwirtz, JAG Services Inc., providing the instruction. The center was established to present modern food processing solutions to its employees and customers while also providing professional training opportunities.

The Alapala Academy and Innovation Center leads the way in Turkey with its vision as an application center for R&D studies of Alapala but also as a facility delivering training opportunities on food processing technologies to professionals worldwide. Alapala Academy and Innovation Center satisfies an important need in the sector with its staff of project managers, engineers, technicians and milling masters as well as the professional academicians with more than 20 years of experience within Alapala.

“With our 70 years of experience and innovative power, we have blended the goal of IAOM to increase the added value in the industry and our international training program with the cooperation of our strong partners within the sector,” said Ismail Alapala, chairman of the board of directors of Alapala Holding. “We have taken some remarkable steps within Alapala in an attempt to establish unmanned lights-out factories through the adaptation of smart automation systems to the food processing industry. We will continue to grow bigger and renew ourselves as we care so much about science, technology and education in the forthcoming period.”

Gulfem Alapala, a board member, emphasized that Alapala Academy and Innovation Center was established as a reflection of Alapala’s vision, as a result of intensive and comprehensive work, with the aim of making it a fully-equipped and modern training center where sectoral training courses are offered at the highest level.

“With so many years of experience we have had in the field of food processing technologies, we are excited not only because we have been offering quality products and services to our customers around the world, but also because we have introduced an educational platform that adds value to the sector,” said Gulfem Alapala. “Alapala Academy and Innovation Center welcomes everyone willing to get a deeper insight of the food processing sector, gain practical skills and provide added value to the sector.”

Ranked among the world leaders in food processing technologies, Alapala has more than 1,000 turnkey project references across four continents and in more than 120 countries worldwide.