JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA — Martino Celeghini, chief executive officer of CESCO, discussed silo design and construction during the International Association of Operative Miller’s Mideast and Africa Regional Forum.

The event was Feb. 6-8 at Movenpick Hotel City Star in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

In the presentation, Celeghini shared the philosophy and guidelines for the design of the silo storage section for large industrial plants, explaining some of the possibilities in the design of silos and transport. In addition, he presented the peculiarities in the design of prismatic silos and steel structures for grinding plants, also showing examples of integrated building design from past and current references.

The three-day regional event covered three main topics:

  • Safe wheat handling and storage, covering the essentials for safe storage, silo design and construction, ship unloading, grain preservation and practical operational knowledge.
  • Grinding technology and operation, including the principles of grinding flowsheets, key grinding equipment, grinding best practices, care of screens and rolls, and calculating mill extraction.
  • Finished product silo and quality control, including the flow chart of a finished product silo, concepts of flour mixing, flour improvement, quality analysis and essential aspects of flour quality.