CREMONA, ITALY — Ocrim launched on May 7 a new e-commerce platform,, that includes interactive catalogs where spare parts for milling plants can be purchased.

In the months leading up to the launch, Ocrim shared the idea behind the Oparts project through spatial, visual, and narrative storytelling, set in an intergalactic world.

The O means everything: O as in Ocrim and origin, as present and future, as Earth and Space. Therefore, the company’s new direction and project propel it into the future, but at the same time, they are rooted in the company’s history and identity.


The Oparts communication campaign revolves around a universe that represents and connects two eras: history and the future, humans and machines. Italian-made high-tech and milling know-how are combined and brought to life in machines, which reflect the company’s history and future, Ocrim said. In this way, machines take on a new form and go from merely being a product to being a means of transporting, like a spaceship, the company and its know-how into a new world: Oparts.

The entire website has been designed with the customer in mind. The aim is to ensure the best user experience in terms of ease of navigation, speed and intuitiveness. The website allows customers to purchase milling products 24 hours a day directly on the platform via certified international payment circuits.

The portal is structured in two parts: a B2B e-commerce platform for the immediate and direct purchase of milling plant articles open to new users and a customized section for loyal customers with interactive catalogs. In the latter area, the user’s machine catalogs will be uploaded for browsing, with the relevant serial number, table, and bill of materials so that users can find and order both specific and custom-made spare parts.

Logging in is easy and quick: just go to website and enter personal details and company data. Customer service is always available and eager to welcome users to the new platform.

The reserved area has been specifically designed both for new and long-standing customers.

“We truly wanted to optimize the flow of information and improve our customer service when purchasing specific spare parts for Ocrim machines,” Ocrim said. “Customers can browse the various catalogs in several ways, making the ordering process easier and quicker, thus minimizing the chance of error when searching for a specific component. With Oparts, buying spare parts is child’s play: on the portal, with just a few clicks, customers can choose and order spare parts by selecting them directly from the table and putting them in the shopping cart. But that’s not all: in the MyArea, users can view promos dedicated to them, see what’s in their shopping cart, and keep track of requests and orders at all times.”