CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, US — R.J. O'Brien & Associates (RJO) has rolled out the next-generation version of its Hrvyst agricultural technology (ag tech) platform, following its original platform launched in 2019.

The cloud-based, scalable platform enables users in the commercial grain industry to digitally streamline grain origination, merchandising and automated hedging.

Hrvyst electronically links offers, purchases and sales to the futures market and to a grain company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The broker-agnostic platform can be used by cooperatives and processors with a link to their existing brokerage firms.

“The pace of transformation and adoption of ag tech is increasing at exceptional speed,” said Renée Laird, RJO senior managing director and global head of Commercial Agriculture and OTC Markets. “Our goal is to advance digital transformation in the grain industry by filling a gap with a comprehensive solution. Hrvyst creates a digitally connected ecosystem, facilitating collaboration between ag industry leaders and growers to help them develop a powerful, sustainable competitive advantage. We’ve seen significant interest in this product within the commercial grain industry, and we’re excited to unveil to the broader marketplace the next-generation version of Hrvyst, which reflects terrific feedback we received during the pilot phase.

“Our real-time automated risk management platform brings efficiencies to the value chain by reducing risk and margin erosion, improving productivity, enhancing merchandising capabilities and connecting growers electronically. All of this will lead to intelligent insights for proprietary trading strategies.”

Last year, Hrvyst partnered with Greenstone Systems, a provider of integrated agricultural accounting and management software, to digitally connect and automate origination, merchandising and hedging for US grain companies such as cooperatives and processors. Through the integration, Greenstone’s MyGrower mobile engagement platform connecting to its AGRIS ERP system enables users to originate more bushels and facilitate hedging against activity in the cash market. Offers created with MyGrower can instantly flow into and be managed and hedged by Hrvyst.

“This integration will help grain originators and merchandisers increase engagement with farmers and reduce hedge slippage,” said Mike Terning, head of product for Greenstone Systems. “It will also greatly increase efficiency and accuracy as accepted offers automatically flow from the Hrvyst trading system into the AGRIS platform.”